Los Cabos Cumplido! Another BIG Event in the Bag

by: Kenzi Pulsipher

¿Dónde están mis calcetines?

Looking for an incentive travel location that will knock your calcetines off without requiring a viaje to the other side of the world?  Literally. The minute you arrive at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos on the Mexican Baja Peninsula, those dang socks are coming off ‘cause your Instagram groupies are about to get a shot of your tootsies with a backdrop of sand, sun, and surf.  Okay, maybe wait until those feet have had a pedicure and a tan. Just sayin’.

We recently pulled off a huge event at the Hyatt Ziva for an incredible incentive group, and this place really delivers!

Everything but the Bedazzled Pig

Cheery staff hands you a cool towel upon arrival, washing away your weariness.  And as if you’re just waking up, you find yourself in a beautifully stone-tiled yet organic lobby—arched ceiling, twisting columns, and an unparalleled view of the breathtaking beach and aquamarine waves.  The lobby opens up to fountains, pools, and your most loco dreams coming true. And I’m not talking those loco dreams that have inspired the hideous kaleidoscope carpets you find in some hotels (Those don’t exist anywhere at the Hyatt Ziva).  I’m talking your wildest dreams where you’re in a luxury palace and a gorgeous guy named Rogélio is bringing you fruity drinks poolside while you sunbathe with your tiny pet pig Precious who’s wearing a diamond collar. You know, those dreams.  Just minus the bedazzled pig.

The rooms are generous and beautiful—white linens, dark wood accents on white walls, furniture with sleek lines, and sunny windows overlooking this stunning resort and beach.  Classy. Like you.


Two words: All Inclusive.  Another word: Delicious. Let’s toss in a 4th and 5th word just for good measure: Endless Options!  The Hyatt Ziva has a great selection of restaurants from a grab-and-go cafe to the adults-only atmosphere and French cuisine at Bon Vivant.  Craving Japanese? DoZo’s teppanyaki and sushi bar awaits. Not sure what you want? Try a little of everything at La Plaza buffet. And that’s just a few of the options.  The best part about an all-inclusive resort is that everything is included. My favorite was swinging by the cafe to order a quick smoothie or, even faster, grabbing one from the fridge before heading out for an adventure.

El Cortijo…Spanish cuisine…WOW (Those dots are me drooling at the memory).  The chef opened her restaurant to treat Destinations to a once-in-a-lifetime meal.  She prepared four courses with each dish stemming from a different part of Mexico. With every dish that was brought out, the chef personally came out to explain the origin and ingredients.  Her zucchini mushroom soup…¡Qué rico!

Pura Pachanga

Apparently, that’s what you call the Welcome Reception we hosted on the beach—a pure party.  As the cool kids would say, it was lit. Literally. We lit up that beach with dazzling club lights and music.  It was nothing short of spectacular! The Destinations and Hyatt Ziva staff pulled off every detail to perfection down to the incredible array of appetizers like mini sliders, beef quesadillas, and endless types of drinks.

Quiero Más

Memories motivate.  The energy, relaxation, and pura pachanga of this entire trip had the participants wanting more and ready to work even harder to achieve their goals to be a part of their company’s 2019 trip.  And that’s what we’re all about! Invigorating a workforce through incredible experiences orchestrated down to the smallest detail.

So slip off your socks, settle into your beach chair, and take a deep breath.  You’ve earned this!