pic•ture-per•fect: St. Lucia

October 5, 2018

by: Ashleigh O'Connor


[pik-chur] [pur-fikt]


  1. Lacking in defects or flaws; ideal
  2. St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is a literally a picture-perfect destination full of adventure, sunsets, culture, food, beautiful resorts, and memories that will last a lifetime.  After visiting the island, I couldn’t help but start planning your next incentive group, meeting, and conference event.

Sit back, relax, and imagine yourself in St. Lucia with me.

Volcanic Peaks and Catamarans

The island of St. Lucia is known for its lush green volcanic spires rising skyward from deep azure waters.  The two most famous peaks are Piton Mountains located between Soufriere and Choiseil on the western side of the island.  Imagine you and your guests boarding a bright, white catamaran and setting sail for a breathtaking view of these caribbean mountains.  The breeze in your hair, playful dolphins swimming alongside, and the crimson sunset kissing the waves till they blush pink, purple, and gold.  Picture perfect.

Go Towards the Light…Segway Style!

Quaint island streets, beaches, and rainforests—St. Lucia has so much to explore, but how you see it should be just as amazing as what you see.  That’s right. It’s Segway Time! With tour guides from Lucian Style, you’ll find yourself laughing and learning as they share the history, culture, and sights of the place they call home…all while you zip around on two wheels.  As you’re riding through the rainforest, there comes a point where all you can see are branches and leaves, a living tunnel with a bright light at the end. As if having some heavenly, out-of-body experience, you glide toward the light to find lapiz ocean waves crashing on rocks and slipping over the sand.

Get Down and Dirty

Rejuvenate means to make young again, and that is what any vacation should do for you—body and soul.  So onward to Soufriere’s Sulphur Springs National Park to enjoy a steamy, therapeutic mud bath. This mud bath attracts people from all over the world who swear that it makes you look 12 years younger (You can bet I rubbed that mud all over my face, and I think it actually worked). The sulphur creates a mud that detoxifies the body and helps heal sun burns, eczema, arthritis, sore joints, and of course makes your skin feel like a million bucks.  After letting the mud dry, we hop into the hot man-made tub, wash off, and walk out of there looking younger and feeling refreshed.

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Luxurious Lodgings

And where shall we stay while in dreamy St. Lucia?  Large incentive travel groups to romantic couple getaways, there are remarkable resorts ready to host a group of any size.  You name it, they offer it.

To Infinity and Beyond

Jade Mountain & Anse Chastanet.  On arrival they hand us a refreshing towel and a delicious beverage including a piece of sugar cane.  We bite down on the cane to release the sweetness then make our way to our private sanctuaries (That’s literally what they call their rooms).  Take in the incredible panorama of the Piton Mountains and never-ending ocean views. Then slip into your swimsuit and enjoy your own private infinity pool where water and horizon meet.  If it seems the birds are singing and the sun is shining just for you, then you’re definitely experiencing the magic of St. Lucia.

Royally All-Inclusive

The Royalton is the perfect resort for your convention or large incentive event.  As you walk into the resort, it is open, warm, and welcoming. You can’t help but gravitate towards the ocean as that is your first view upon arrival.  This charming, fashionable, all-inclusive property has live entertainment every night, water aerobics in the pool, bars with delicious drinks, sections for families or for adults only, and excellent dining.  But best of all is the spa that will leave you feeling oh-so relaxed.

The friendly staff welcomes you to the spa, gives you a tour of the amenities—sauna, steam room, and hot tub—then escorts you to your very own cabana.  Relax with a warm neck towel, hot tea, and a bowl of dried fruit as you await your massage. The skilled masseuse works out all the stress, knots, and tension and leaves you feeling like a new person.

Open-Air Living

Walking into the rooms at the Ladera resort, you’re delighted to find only three walls.  Instead of windows and doors framing your view, you have an open-air vista of the famed mountains and Caribbean Sea.  Waking up every morning to birds chirping, the leaves rustling, and the ocean waves rolling in is the ideal wake-up call.  Strolling through your room with your private, unobstructed view, relaxing in your own pool, or sitting on a rock and reading your favorite book, this resort will transport you to tranquility.

Creole & Cheese Memories

Looking back on your trip, you’ll be surprised the little memories that come to mind and make you smile.  

The animal towel creations that greeted you each evening at the Ladera.  

The colorful homes and the fresh creole bread with sliced melted cheese being pulled from a traditional stone oven.  Your stomach growls at the thought.

And what about the amazing banana ketchup, salt fish, fried plantains, pumpkin ginger soup, and bouyon.  Can’t satisfy those cravings around here. Quick. Think of something else!

The genuine, caring people.  The classy staff at the Harbor Club.  The gigantic smile of the bellman at Marigot Bay.  The locals who love St. Lucia, love where they live, love what they do, and love sharing their life and their country with those who visit.  They made you feel like family.

For Real

St. Lucia is the epitome of a picture-perfect vacation.  Wouldn’t you love to see it for real? Incentive reward, corporate convention, or romantic getaway—this paradise delivers adventure, luxury, rejuvenation, and unforgettable experiences.  Pack your bags. And whatever you do, don’t forget your camera! Let’s do this.